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It looks like the last day of November has arrived. It has been quite a long month full of adventures, hopes, and dreams. Lots of sightseeing, catching up with friends, and those whom I hold close to my heart. I’ve been taking loads of pictures as well with my new Sony camera. Decided to carry around a lighter camera instead of my Nikon DSLR that I’ve had since 2009. Photography has been a passion of mine for many years and I simply could not rely on my phone camera, no matter how good it is. Anyway, photos will definitely be added into a new post. I have been traveling for a couple of weeks.. and I must say that my number one priority is always keeping my health strong throughout my journey.  I have been traveling throughout temperatures that are outside my comfort zone. Nonetheless these cold temperatures have been exciting a bit, simply because I can’t stand hot weather. Its been freezing, rainy, and cold.. yet I’ve soaked myself into another realm..  Reminding myself that its all the beauty of traveling and wandering outside of ones comfort zone. Besides the weather, I’ve been walking a ton and layering up so many clothes until I resemble some sort of snow man.. Haha! Ill do anything to keep myself warm, safe and fully protected from the cold wind flurries.

Adapting to the natural landscape and environment is always important when traveling. You have to find a balance between feeling comfortable yet daring to explore into new territory. Theres a reason why I strive to keep my health up throughout the ins and outs of exploring new surroundings. I mean who wants to feel crummy and run down when having to scram here, there, and everywhere… My twin sister and I were in a frenzied adventure amidst the concrete jungles of New York. What a trip that was — literally. Ive been quite thankful that my health has been well throughout my travels. Theres been incidents in the past when my health seriously took a told amidst the stress of traveling and that wasn’t any fun.  So definitely no cold, flue, or anything related to allergies this time around. *Knocks on wood*. Ive been having to juggle between time zones, different weather patterns, and walking by foot.. mostly everywhere. Whats a car anyway? Lol.

Before I left for my travels, I made sure to take a visit to good old Whole Foods. Yes, the gourmet market + health shop may be expensive, yet they carry a ton of reliable items related to nutrition and well being. The picture posted below is a photo I took before I jetted off to my journeys — Nueva York & Noruega. 🙂 Here are just a few products that I highly recommend if and when traveling. They are all my favorite and they carry so lightly!

– Lara Bar : these are health bars that are made up of a few ingredients. My favorite is their pecan bar which literally consists of dates, pecans, and almonds. Simply three ingredients.. thats it! The carrot cake bar is also another favorite. These bars are filling, packed with good fats, provide energy, and keep blood sugar stabilized. I tend to carry these bars into my flight and munch on just one! They are perfect for long flights as well. Keep them stashed in your carry on – I guarantee that you won’t regret it. You’ll feel good about yourself, especially when faced between such few and not so great snack options in the airport.

– Ginger soother : I made sure to drink this lovely spiced drink a few days before I headed off on my travels. It simply consists of water, ginger, honey and lemon. You can brew this mixture at home if you’re not interested in purchasing the beverage. But I have found it reliable amidst those busy days packing for my travels. Its sweet, spicy and enjoyable. I recommended drinking anything ginger related as this root helps to fight nausea and boosts the immune system. Ginger helps to fight off the common cold and aids in digestion. Drinking this spiced drink will keep the immune system boosted before any sort of travels! Try it in herbal tea or chop a chunk of ginger and blend it into a fresh carrot and orange juice beverage.

Vitamin Packs – I throughly enjoyed mixing Natural Calm (Magnesium supplement) into my water first thing in the morning. I took a few of these packets with me and would shake em up into a water bottle. Magnesium supports a healthy immune system and promotes natural blood pressure. Upon drinking this mixture I would often find myself a bit relaxed and feeling calmer. There are stressors related to traveling, such as the fear of getting lost and such. With this calm supplement, I felt a bit at ease knowing my body felt stronger and relaxed. Magnesium promotes a healthy heart rhythm and keeps the bones strong. I also made sure to take a few of the Electrolyte Stamina – Vitamin C Power Pak. It has the taste of an orange and yet keeps nicely mixed into a water bottle. The packet contains about 1,200 mg of Vitamin C! There are electrolytes and ionic minerals in the packet as well. This seriously helps those individuals who keep an active and healthy lifestyle. When on the run – I totally recommend these vitamin packs. They are ultra thin, light, and you can fit a ton in your luggage or carry on bag.

Moisturizer – I recommend taking a a high quality moisturizer with you when traveling. My face often gets dry and tends to lack moisture when traveling, especially in cold weather that freezes up my face. I packed up a small bottle of Shikai body moisturizer from Whole Foods. I use it about twice a day, once in the morning after washing my face, and a second time after washing my face in the evening. This is my routine even back at home so its great to keep the skin feeling fresh and well hydrated. Its definitely a simple yet effective beauty routine for anyone. I also recommend rubbing a small teaspoon of coconut oil on the face at night before going to sleep. Well, thats if you have any means or access of carrying around coconut oil, unless you’re staying at a friends place whom might be carrying some! 🙂

Aside from carrying these products I have mostly been drinking water, herbal teas, and pressing citrus into my beverages. Ive also been eating a few baby oranges as well. They are so cute and tasty. Where are your favorite places to journey out to? Any tips to feeling at your best when headed off somewhere? I believe practicing mindfulness and taking care of ones health is truly wealth. This has been such a great journey and I am thankful for every moment and every interesting person that I have encountered these past few weeks.

Lots of love to you all xx

— Sara


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