Facts about Fall

Hello Fall.

It’s so nice to see you again. You’re like this warm visitor that decides to drop by for a bit. A charming visitor full of warmth and a touch of coziness. Whenever you’re here, we pull out our softest blankets and slip on some socks. Watching television and movies become the norm. Won’t you please stay for an extended time? Funny enough, it doesn’t feel like Fall yet in Houston — at least not yet. It’s the cool weather that i’m anxiously waiting for. When’s it gonna kick in? The world may never know. Just kidding. 😛 “Fall-ish” weather doesn’t reach Houston until late October. I guess i’ll continue to wear my summer clothes until then. Haha!

Fall is truly one of my favorite seasons. The seasonal change often reminds me that it’s okay to let go of things. One shouldn’t hold on to old things that are irrelevant to growth. The tree’s shed there leaves – reminding us that its okay to let go of an old coat. It’s time to self-reflect and anticipate wearing a new coat – brimming with new idea’s and fresh new changes. I love calling Fall by its pompous name, “Autumn”. Here are a few interesting facts I learned about Fall that intrigued my curiosity, provided by taskeasy.com

Fact #1:  Americans typically refer to this time of year as “fall,” while the British use the word “autumn.” Both terms date back to the 16th century but before that it was called “harvest.

Fact #2:  Fall was called “harvest” because of the “harvest moon” that occurs when the full moon is closest to the autumn equinox. Before man-made lighting, this moonlight was essential to a prosperous harvest.

Fact #3:  Weight gain around this time of year may not only be due to comforting fall foods like pumpkin pie and cider, researchers have found that lack of vitamin D reduces fat breakdown and triggers fat storage.

Fact #4:  According to The Weather Channel, pumpkins are the most craved food during the fall. Although, if you’ve left the house anytime recently, this may not come as a surprise to you.

Fact #5:  The yellow and orange colors you see actually always exist in leaves but they are overpowered by the abundance of green from chlorophyll. The amount of chlorophyll starts to decrease as the sun weakens and the days grow shorter.

Fact #6:  Red and purple leaves are only that color because of the presence of sugars and sap that are trapped within the leaves. These sugars provide plants with the energy they need to survive.

Fact #7:  Many birds will prepare for their winter migration during the fall. The distance they can travel is impressive; the Arctic Tern travels 11,000 miles each way for it’s annual migration. That’s no small feat.

Fact #8:  Evergreen trees such as pines, cedars, and spruces stay green because their leaves (needles) are covered with thick wax and they contain materials that prevent freezing when it gets cold.

— These facts seriously brought out my inner nerd! I love learning. My current dream is to visit the East Coast during Autumn and visually partake in the beauty of the season. The crispness of the air and the leaves changing colors are truly inspiring. Can’t wait to pull out those neck scarves and frock coats. A cup of homemade hot cocoa and a slice of apple cake are truly in the near future. Stay tuned! 😉

grunge background with autumn leaves

I took this picture yesterday, upon visiting Whole Foods Market. Absolutely adore the pumpkins sprouting around throughout Fall. The pale pink and cream colored pumpkin caught my eye — I truly want to carve a pumpkin this year. Lets just see how that goes! It seems so much easier than it looks.

Are there certain foods that you crave during the Autumn season? Anything special in particular that you enjoy doing? I find myself taking outdoor strolls more often during the cooler season. Its quite unbearable to be outdoors in the summer.  I simply cannot wait for those long outdoor walks in the afternoon.

Have a lovely start of the week dearies! I’m excited about Monday – yey! No Monday blues here 😉 Just good Monday vibes.

Cheers //
Sara <3


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