Health Benefits of Drinking Water

It’s still summer. At least here in Houston. 😛
Well, technically, we only have 11 more days into Fall right? At least I hope it hits Houston sooner than later! I’ve been eyeing my sweaters and jackets lately – longing to wear them. I guess you can tell that my favorite season is Autumn. Or some may call it by the name, “Fall.” Everything turns into magic. Well at least in some parts of the United States, the weather gets super crisp. Mother nature takes her paint brush and colors everything in sight! I’m dying to visit those charming parts of town on the East Coast. The one’s cluttered with pretty tree’s that are adorned with brightly colored leaves. One can dream right? But its back to summer.. at least for now. 🙂

Throughout this long summer, I’ve been finding ways to quench my thirst. I’ve been exercising as I normally do, and keeping ways to stay fit, healthy and focused. But throughout it all, my thirst has been parched. Water is one of the main liquids I stick to throughout the day. But sometimes, with the rush of errands, I forget to stop myself, pace slowly and drink a tall glass of water. You may be thinking — this is some common sense stuff right? Well here’s the thing — with modern day technology and the busyness of everyday life, we often forget to slow down and take care of ourselves. Drinking water a couple of times a day is one of the main essentials we forget about. I notice that I get grouchy, develop a headache and become super tired if my thirst is parched.

Luckily, I find creative ways to keep myself well hydrated. I’ve been making herbal tea’s overnight and chilling them in the fridge. Often I freeze a handful of berries and immerse them into my iced tea. There’s also fused water – which is basically fruit water that’s been sitting overnight in the fridge. The flavors develop overnight and the results are just amazing. I find any sort of berries and fruit that i’m munching on over the week and toss them into a pitcher of water. A handful of fresh herbs and lemon do the trick as well. Voila! The following day I have this tasty aromatic water that has a fruity and tart taste. Best of all its crisp and refreshing, especially in the heat or after a good workout. One serving of “fruit water” consists of vitamin c, minerals and antioxidants. Whats not to like?

Here’s a personal combination that I love — frozen strawberries, Thai basil, small chunk of ginger, cucumbers + 1/2 lemon juice. Stir in a tall glass and leave overnight. Enjoy the following day!

Lost Weight By Eating states, “Studies have shown that drinking water naturally boosts your metabolism among other water health benefits, and drinking fruit infused water for weight loss can be an easy way to increase your water intake.”

Choose organic fruit + herbs and make sure to wash them thoroughly. Take advantage of seasonal fruit!

Since your body consists 60 % of water, its natural to maintain the balance of body fluids. Fluid losses escalate throughout warmer climates and especially during and after exercise. Water also helps to curb calories by keeping you full, satisfied, and content. You’re able to control your calories by choosing water over an artificial sugary beverage. Choose foods + fruits high in water such as watermelon, cucumbers, soups and oatmeal.

There is also an optimal time to drink water!
Here are some great examples — after waking up, before a meal, before a bath, and before sleep.
— These aspects help to digest your meal, as well as start the engine of your body first thing upon waking up. Your blood pressure can be lowered and the timing of water helps to hydrate you before heading off to dream land.

What I love most about tea? It’s always in style and there are so many ways to drink tea! My personal favorite is to drink warm tea that soothes my mind. It’s what I love drinking first thing in the morning and before going to sleep. It’s as if you’re taking a relaxing sauna for the mind. Tea is a great beverage choice as its normally packed with antioxidants. During the warmer months I often choose to drink iced tea – loaded with iced berries and lemons. Again, its a great way to replenish your body with healthy fluids while maintaining your thirst. Mainly consisting of water, its the best choice to start your day. There are many detox tea’s out there as well, if you’re looking into revamping your system. Cleaning your gut ensures that your mind and body are feeling best. But that discussion can be further acknowledged through another health related post. 🙂

That’s it for now dearies. Hope your weekend was a great one! What’s your favorite beverage? Anything healthy and beneficial that you’ve been sipping on these days?

Cheers //

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