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Happy Friday all!

It seems as if I’ve drifted off the planet in some ways. I haven’t seen my family or close friends in such a long time. The blog has been quietly sitting here in the dust – with all that has been happening in my life. I left the States back in April and now its August. Its been 3.5 months since I’ve left. Doesn’t seem that long does it? I know and yet time has been slowly and quickly passing by at the same time. Some days have been fast paced and some others just slowly crawling through the day. Yet it seems as if 6 months have passed by. I’ve been traveling quite frequently since I’ve packed my bags and moved out of the country. Yep, I got married to my best friend and moved out of the country. Due to our overwhelming long distance relationship, we decided to tie the knot in Spring and move in together with our lives. So many changes have occurred in a short period of time. I’ve made many new friends throughout my travels and visited such beautiful landmarks. I’ve had the chance to visit popular bakeries, cafes and restaurants. Its been a rainy season throughout our travels, such as our time in Bulgaria, England, and Northern Norway. There have been many beautiful road trips and local spots we’ve stumbled upon since moving to Norway. Having a car really helps and I’m just elated that we’re able to take road trips throughout the country. The driving style here is comfortable, relaxing and scenic. Though, at times, it can get too quiet and relaxed here. I have to admit that there are moments where I deal with strong pangs of isolation. At times, I long for a strong sense of familiarity, such as the foods I grew up eating and the company I would surround myself with. Its only a matter of time until I can truly make myself busy here. The neighborhood here in Tonsberg is quiet and the city is much smaller than where i’m coming from. But back in the USA, its a different story. Houston is a very large city in the States – with quite a few things to do and I always thought Sugar Land, TX was slow paced until I moved here. But these suburbs are different than the ones in the USA. There are fewer shops, markets and restaurants. The people are quieter and reserved as well, just like their towns. Most shops and stores here in Norway close earlier in the day or evening. Luckily, our neighborhood grocery store is open until 11 p.m. Thank goodness for that! Having a grocery store within the burbs’ is convenient, especially when taking walks in the town and maybe needing to pick something up. They don’t have everything that i’m used to purchasing back in the States – but they at least have most dried goods, spices, and a few fruits and vegetables. I TRULY miss Trader Joes and even Whole Foods. As an individual who passionately loves to cook and bake – I find that I get so used to the food ingredients that I best adore. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and avocados, those are some of the ingredients I miss the most. They do have a few of those foods here as mentioned, but some of the produce doesn’t taste the best as its exported and its coming with a hefty price tag. But lets talk about the good – thankfully our red and blue currant bushes have been blooming. We were able to store and freeze about 8 jars of jam. The taste and the quality of locally grown berries here are delightful. We were able to make jam with both types of currants and raspberry as well. Our apple tree is slowly growing and I anticipate the taste of those crisp apples soon. Autumnal baking anyone? So here are just a few photos from our trips and travels from the past few months.


Scenic pathways and streets in Sofia, Bulgaria. This photo was taken right near a Turkish cafe, in which we enjoyed ourselves with coffee and breakfast.


I truly enjoyed most of London and Carnaby Street was quite nice as well. We ate dinner in a posh restaurant in the name of Dishoom. It was a great location to dine in and the Indian food was spectacular! I still dream of that tasty dinner.


The streets of London, vividly glowing and full of energy. I love the banner on top saying, “London, everyone welcome.”


Viewing Geirangerfjord down below.. absolutely below and a popular tourist destination in Norway. The fjords surrounding around were truly majestic.


In Northern Norway.. on the fairy tale island of Senja. I had the chance to hike, climb, and make my way on the top of the peak of Segla. A huge mountain with breathtaking scenery all around. I truly outdid myself as I had not hiked in years. Lovely experience it was with my sister in law. I wont ever forget it.


The scenic nature in Northern Norway is truly delightful – especially in the summer with the midnight sun. It was mostly sunny throughout the day and the weather was mild compared to the harsh fall and winter. I truly miss the mountains and landscape.

Well lovelys, thats it for now!
I will definitely update with further pictures to come.
We are towards the last leg of Summer and I’ll be visiting my family soon in the States.
What are some adventures that you experienced throughout the Summer. Where there any spectacular memories that you created? I surely enjoyed this Summer. It was great.

Cheers for now,
Sara xoxo


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