Strawberry & Banana Smoothie Bowl

Hello all and happy April! I absolutely love this time of the year… I’ve been taking many walks outside lately and i’ve discovered so many lily-pads in our neighborhood lake. They are a newfound delight this year as I did not notice them last year or the year before. The whole lake looks like a walk-able patch of grass. Its soo green and pretty! Sigh. At least I get my dose of nature in those daily walks. ūüôā The sun and nature keep me content and relaxed amidst a concrete jungle. Today’s weather was absolutely lovely.. it was quite windy and not too hot. If only it could be like that more often.. it would totally be suitable for outdoor festivals.. which many are approaching. I love attending festivals, particularly multicultural festivals where I get to learn about the many cultures around me. I see myself as a highly cultured individual and I find it an absolute joy to be immersed in such a colorful environment. Lets see what’s in store this weekend. I believe i’m invited to a game night at my aunt’s new home. Time to dust out some board games and bring in a new one which my mom purchased today! Its called Snakes and Ladders and its an old fashioned game.. quite simple and easy.. but fun as well.

The lake shimmering, lily-pads floating, and the sun slowly setting down for the evening.

Lovely flowers sprouting all around.. just love the hint of pink against the green foliage.

Speaking of pink.. I made a lovely and vibrant pink smoothie bowl yesterday. It was a strawberry and banana smoothie bowl! The flavors were bright and nutty because it consisted of oats! I added in oat milk because its one of my favorite non-dairy milk alternative. Chia seeds in the mixture allowed the overall texture to be thick and consistent – its kind of like a glue in health foods. To my success, the bowl¬†turned out delightful. Mind you, it was my first smoothie bowl ever made. I typically just guzzle down those things in a tall glass. But the consistency of this thick, creamy and nourishing smoothie bowl was delightful. It was fun to eat it in a big bowl.. and I just admired the prettiness of the overall thing. I mean you can make it thinner and just drink it down.. but this was a nice change and i’ll surely be making smoothie bowls more often! Posted below is the recipe. Feel free to swap out any of the fruit and mix it up. But this strawberry and banana combo is killer and its surely a classic! You simply cant go wrong with this lovely duo.

 Strawberry & Banana Smoothie Bowl

1 frozen banana or fresh banana (frozen banana’s make for a super creamy texture)
1 cup frozen strawberry or fresh strawberry
1/2 cup oat milk or any other non-dairy milk
1 tablespoon black chia seeds
2 tablespoons organic toasted oatmeal
for decoration:
1 tablespoon crushed freeze dried strawberries or fresh strawberry slices
1 teaspoon black chia seeds
1 tablespoon organic toasted oats

1. On medium heat, in a small pan, toast the three tablespoons of organic oats. Allow the oats to get nice and brown without burning them, just for two minutes. This technique takes out the raw oat flavor and gives em a nice and warm nutty taste instead. Reserve one tablespoon of oats for the topping later on.

2. Add both of the fruit into the blender, as well as the rest of the ingredients (oatmilk, chia seeds, and toasted oats). Blend until the consistency is smooth and all the ingredients have come together.

3. Crush about three¬†freeze dried strawberries in a mortar and pestle or spice grinder. Just until the mixture is chunky. If you don’t have freeze dried strawberries, you can simply use fresh strawberries in place. This is for the topping.

4. Place smoothie into a bowl and top with the toasted oats, chia seeds and freeze dried strawberries. Serve immediately and enjoy!

I truly enjoyed this smoothie bowl! It was nourishing, creamy, and packed with vitamins and fiber. I’ve been back at it with my exercises + walks in the park. I know my body needs as many vitamins + health foods to keep me feeling energized and refreshed. I’ve been on and off at the gym only because of my body pains. Lets hope I can become an even stronger person this year. Eating healthy +¬†moving around is my mantra with¬†keeping in shape and feeling great. Being mindful and paying attention to health and wellness is the key for overall mood, lifestyle and emotional strength. What are some of your favorite outdoor workouts? Any nourishing smoothie drinks that you love? There are so many protein smoothies, bowls, and drinks out there. I will definitely be sharing some more smoothie bowl recipes with you all! This is only just the beginning and I truly enjoyed the experience of eating this colorful vitamin bowl.

Enjoy this lovely Thursday — its almost Friday! Cheers to a wonderful day ahead. xx

With love,
Sara <3

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