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Hey all!

Looks like we’re headed towards the end of March. That was quick.

I need to stop this habit of posting once a month. Really. But time flies and I’ve been keeping myself preoccupied with little things here and there. I just came back from a trip to the golden state. That being, California, my home state. 🙂 I was out in Los Angeles for about two weeks. Culture shock develops intensely and I have a hard time readjusting to life in the south whenever i’m back. Although, I’ve lived in Houston most of my life, it’s the west coast that i’m deeply connected with. It only makes further sense, because my roots are from the west. As a Cancerian, I am connected to the element of water, so being anywhere near the ocean keeps me grounded. I was able to visit many beaches during my trip. Visited a few of my old stomping grounds and checked out new local places as well. I felt relaxed and at peace. What I love most of all is being able to get in a good walk, staying connected to nature, being able to hike, and visiting many of the surrounding beaches.

Venice Beach is always a favorite spot to visit. It’s got super chill vibes with a calm yet spunky flair.  There are a few shops to stroll through and many food choices as well. I purchased a vanilla soft serve ice cream and some flip flops. Those flip flops came in handy since I forgot to bring my own. Hah! I completely forgot that I wanted to walk in the sand. The sand was so warm and therapeutic between my toes and I felt a gentle massage on my feet as I took a quick stroll. There are a ton of clothing stores as well. Its definitely a spot to visit if wanting to purchase souvenirs.

Creamy soft serve on a warm day at the beach. Bliss.

Visiting Malibu beach was a dream. The sand was soft and fluffy and the day was bright and clear. The water was cold and crisp unlike Venice. This beach was truly relaxing yet serene as well. I really miss it and its graceful vibe. The town was lovely with rolling green hills and small shops. Getting all the way here was truly an adventure of its own. My family and had to drive through rolling cliffs and a curvy road, yet the scenery all around was stunning.

If I could relive each and every adventure.. I would. That time off was truly needed. If anything, I feel inspired. Granted, I felt a bit down and out once I got back to Houston… but a part of me was truly inspired by this recent trip. I am thankful yet ever so connected to my home state.  Both Nor’Cal and So’Cal hold a piece of my heart. I know that I will always have a place to stay over there. There is always a chance of moving back in the future as well. An active lifestyle surrounded with great people is what I crave. In the meanwhile, I cannot wait to get back into the gist of working and keeping myself focused and productive.

What are some memorable trips that you have taken? Is there a part of the world that you feel totally connected to? Or even a special someone? I know that I feel my best when I’m connected with my loved ones.. I feel comfortable connected in the right locations of the world – the places where I most belong. <3

Have a great rest of the week!

Sara //  xoxo


    • Sara says:

      Hey Agness! I would recommend visiting during the spring season. Its always nice to visit during March and April. Its sunny, cool and windy. The spring flowers come out as well and the whole city is so pretty at this time. I really enjoy visiting and reading your blog posts. Hope that we can connect. Please visit my instagram account as well. Take care!

      – Sara I.

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