Food Adventures – Pie!

So I finally got to try Proud Pie over the weekend! But it was their food truck stationed in Sugar Land. When I found out they’d be visiting – I was thrilled and took my sister and mom with me. Suhweet! Literally. The actual pie shop is a bit far from me, so I was excited to at least try a few pies in Sugar Land. They have a large mobile truck that is stationed in front of the Museum of Natural Science. I believe the food truck will be stationed for good throughout the weekends. But, I would still call the original Proud Pie in Katy and ask them ahead of time if they will be in Sugar Land. Anyway, they have a nice and large mobile truck that is accompanied with various kind of pies. I was thinking they would only have a few options, but they had many, a long with a few drinks. My family and I chose the fudge pie as well as the chocolate silk cream pie. Ordered a tall iced coffee as well in such sweltering heat. We enjoyed both of these treats! They were deep, rich, and satisfying. The fudge pie reminded me of a soft and chewy brownie. The silk pie was cold yet super creamy and lush. The whipped cream on top was so fresh! I had been craving pie for the longest time. They use fresh ingredients such as real chocolate and butter. No lard. Yay! True pie is made with actual butter and nothing else. No vegetable shortening whatsoever either! 🙂 The strong bitter iced coffee paired nicely with the sweet pies as well. I did not dare to add any sugar into my coffee – the pies were quite sweet anyway. I did ask for milk – simply because I cannot drink black iced coffee for the life of me. It is way too strong! Anyway, i’m totally looking forward to visiting the food truck again. I absolutely enjoy visiting food trucks – they are an adventure of their own. Seeking them, tracking them, and tasting some of the best food that each city has to offer! Maybe I’ll get to try the store front one day. It’s not that far – maybe 25ish mins away from me – but i’m usually never in that area (Cinco Ranch). This sweet tooth gal will continue to support local business. Fresh and local are best! True pies that are proudly made and proudly satisfying. 🙂 Cheers, until next time.

Are their any food trucks in your part of town that you just love following? We have a ton in this city and their are always a few new ones cropping here and there. I even purchased a food truck book a couple of years ago that high-lighted all of the food mobiles in my city! I have tried some of the best foods – both savory and sweet when visiting food trucks! I’ve also tried some of the best coffee there is – both hot and iced. Most of these food mobiles offer local and organic coffee – which is why it taste strong and darn good. I love how these trucks are parked in some of the most random of places. I’ve had quite a few food adventures spontaneously bumping into them! Some of them have offered such unique food – and I have not made the chance to revisit again. Soon enough!

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend. Spending time with friends and family was the cherry on top!
It’s gotten quite hot here – seems as if a lenghty summer awaits us! Oh my.
Until next time dearies. xox

// Sara <3

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