About Me

Originally from California – West Coast girl at heart. Lover of all things vintage, dainty, edgy, retro and European. Enjoy sitting inside of cozy cafes and sipping on a flavorful cafe latte. Appealed by architecture, design, and Scandinavian interior design. I am a super passionate, colorful and creative individual who wears many hats. I have obtained a degree in liberal studies, degree in culinary arts and a certification for teaching English as a secondary language. I love cooking and baking, art history, photography, music,  health and wellness. Their is never enough emphasis on learning and I enjoy reading every now and then. I love to travel, meet new people and continue to learn about the various cultures around me. Their is a side of me that also enjoys solitary moments, lighting a candle and watching it rain outside. My home is my solitary comfort and I best enjoy moments with my loved ones. Yin and yang. Life is one colorful canvas — explore it!